Sunday, November 20, 2011

An additional Word

I just want to add to this that I work for NO COMPANY, I buy my own fragrance oils, ingredients and essential oils. I am not 'sponsored' or 'endorsed' by ANY COMPANY.

I am simply my own buisness owner who is sharing her soapmaking experience with you, because I personally feel there should be an honest open oppinioned soapmaker giving you real information on ingredients that we use every day.

I will always give you my honest oppinion of the products I am writing about, you will see the finished product with my review of it, so you can see how it looks when it is finished. If there are changes to the soap over a 6 week period I will post more information about it, complete with the finished product so you are not surprised and left wondering if you did something wrong, if you make the same product.

I want to see everyone succeed in their soapmaking journey, and that is why I am do this for you. I wish I had this information when I had started making soap, and I probably wouldn't of tossed so many batches of soap! 

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