Monday, November 21, 2011

Pink Sugar Fragrance Review & Comparison





We all know the tempting sweet scent of pink sugar, everyone want's it and being a soapmaker it's one of the hottest requests that I recieve. What your seeing above in the two pictures is the same fragrance by two seperate fragrance oil suppliers: Nature's Garden and Candle Science.
This review is about both of them and the possitive's and negatives of each one's fragrances.

Let's take on Candle Science first, this would be the cake soap. This first thing you will notice is that the cake soap is not dark in color. NO it's not! Pink Sugar did not accelerate my soap, giving me ample time to 'frost' my cake and also pipe the top, I did have a lot of time to fully decorate the cake soap. Now Candle Science does not give too much information on their fragrance oils other than it being safe to use in candle wax and body safe. I do like the way this turned out, I can still smell the pink sugar in it when I smell the cake slices. Mind you this cake was made back in June of 2011, I can still smell the fragrance in it and still no major discoloration, there was a slight cream coloring due to the vanilla in the fragrance oil but as you can tell it is workable. This cake soap was made WITHOUT the use of white stabilizers of any kind.

Now on to Nature's Garden Pink Sugar Fragrance oil, as you can tell this is the same favorite fragrance that I am used to, but when I used this one in my cold process soap it turned my soaps to a dark brown/chocolate color, now in the defence of Nature's Garden, on Nature's Garden website they do say that this fragrance will turn your cold process soap a dark chocolate color. This bar had originally had pretty pink swirls in it and I was expecting to see those pink swirls, however the fragrance had another idea in mind for my soap.
 Natures' Garden Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil did not accelerate my soap, I had plenty of work time with it, it just badly discolored my soap. Mind you these bars are about 6 weeks old, I still get a nice scent off of them and it's the same scent as Candle Science.

Being a soapmaker and soap purchaser, I like color, my eye is automatically attracted to a bright beautiful and colorful bar soap. I love the fragrance of Pink Sugar, I also get tons of requests for it. When I switched to the Nature's Garden fragrance oil, my bars took on a drastically different look to them, they were no longer colorful they were chocolate brown, I had to explain to my customers that I had purchased from a different supplier.

Regardless of supplier, both fragrances performed well in cold process soaps, both gave plenty of workable time, both gave good fragrance 'throw' in all 3 batches of cold process soaps.

The bottom line to this fragrance oil comparison is a personal one, they are both more than perfect fragrances and perform well in soap, it depends on what you'd like your finishd product to look like. I give both companies Nature's Garden and Candle Science 2 thumbs up for their Pink Sugar fragrance oil, but I have to say Candle Science gets' an extra vote in my book because of the aesthetic purpose.